Christmas Wreath

Four Main Qualities of a Wreath Made for Christmas

Countless generations have used wreaths as a way to decorate for Christmas. The circular shape symbolizes eternity, while the evergreen it's made of symbolizes everlasting life. A Christmas Wreath possesses four main qualities that people look for.

Large Size

Many people prefer a wreath that is large in size, since it is used as a primary decoration for the holidays. 36 inches is one of the largest sizes, ranging down to 24 inches. Wreaths within that range are a good size, and will fit well over a door. Some may use smaller wreaths, less than 22 inches in diameter, as a way to decorate indoors.

Red Bow

The most traditional wreaths are made simply of green from trees, such as cedar green or balsam. They also contain a red bow made of velveteen. This bow is typically placed at the top of the wreath, directly in the middle. While some wreaths nowadays are made without this decoration, the most traditional choices still include it.

Pine Cones

While not all wreaths include them, some utilize pine cones as another way to decorate. The pine cones are simply placed anywhere within the wreath, adding a touch of brown to the bright green and red that is already there. It adds a more natural look to what is normally a bright decoration.


Adding lights to a wreath is a simple way to add a delicate glow that will make the traditional decoration stand out even more. Some lights may remain steady, while others will flicker and change. Either way, the lights add a unique touch to a commonly used item.

Many people who celebrate Christmas choose to use a wreath to decorate because of what it symbolizes. With a red bow, pine cones, lights, and its large size, a wreath fits well over a door and adds a great deal of color and decoration for people to enjoy. Wreaths can be purchased in-store, but those options are typically made from fake plastic or other materials. Those who want a real, handmade wreath can search to see their selection. Each wreath is handmade in Maine by professional wreath makers.